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Steel and iron scrap

  • Thin scrap (sheets up to 4 mm)
  • Thick scrap (4 mm thick)
  • Steel scrap, 50/50 x150 batch over 6 mm
  • Thick scrap, for cutting
  • Steel scrap - chips
  • Cast iron scrap
  • post production scrap


We offer you purchase and sale of recyclable materials as well as comprehensive plant service

złom stalowy

In our locations, we buy all assortments and quantities of the raw materials mentioned above

  • all recyclable materials are offered and prepared as per recipient’s requirements in accordance to Polish, international and other standards depending on the customer’s request

  • We offer professional service of delivery of specialized containers and containers for storage of recyclable materials, as well as scrap collection using specialized equipment with the possibility of loading

  • We always offer our customers timely deliveries in accordance with INCOTERMS 2010 conditions

We offer attractive prices with negotiable and flexible payment terms.

Please contact us for more information.


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