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Metallurgical products and recyclable materials - Lebal

Lebal was established on April 26, 2012 as a joint-stock company. Initially, the scope of its activities was to include local markets, but the board's aspirations were much higher. Originally, the company's activity was based mainly on the purchase of steel and iron scrap, non-ferrous metals and waste paper, film and plastics.

Once the Lebal company gained experience in the scrap metal industry, it expanded its offer to trade in steel products. The company is focused on wholesale. Fast development made it possible to have its own storage yard and cars as well as machinery and trans-shipment equipment. The company’s main goal is to develop business through cooperation with local entities that are devoted to the same philosophy

We build steel relationships in business

Metal zakręcony

Recyclable materials

We offer: purchase and sale of recyclable materials as well as comprehensive plant service.

Steel products

Our offer includes: hot-rolled sheets, hot-rolled profiles, cold formed profiles, seamless and seamed tubes.

Wyroby hutnicze


We offer a range of additional services on request related to our business, to ensure that purchased material meets the expectations of our customers.


Having experience, references and professional equipment, we are able to dismantle or demolish any building structure or large industrial device.

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